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Sourdough Bread

One Loaf is a micro-bakery in Bend, Oregon. Our bread is sold wholesale to businesses and we offer pickup for individuals twice a week.

We believe that beauty is found in the simplicity of everyday life and the honest pleasure of a moment with friends.


Current Offerings

Traditional Boule - $8

Simple ingredients at their best. This loaf has it all - a beautiful golden crust, a chewy inner crumb, and tantalizing sourdough flavor. 

Sandwich Loaf - $7

This sourdough loaf is ideal for sandwiches and toast. Incredible flavor for everyday life.

Cinnamon Raisin - $10

A semi-sweet sourdough delight. It's a perfect companion for morning coffee or a charcuterie board with brie.  

Focaccia - $5

Our focaccia is bursting with flavor - balancing olive oil, salt, and sourdough goodness. 

Business Wholesale

Our bread is delicious on it's own, or provides a vibrant canvas for you to create something amazing.


Retail Locations: 

  • Wild Petals Provisions 

It is served at the following locations:

  • San Simon

  • The Flamingo Room

You can order loaves for pickup Monday and Thursday. In order to guarantee your bread we need 48 hours notice - great sourdough takes time! We are located near downtown Bend.

About Us

Jessica Dunaway

Jess stumbled on sourdough as one of life's simple pleasures. For her, it's a beautiful practice of consistency, working with her hands, and staying grounded.

Jon Dunaway

The other half of One Loaf. Mostly, his contribution is believing in Jess. He works to create a healthy business based on real relationships and focused values.

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